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about us

Suzzi was born in 2015 in Australia. While travelling together, we realised that we had a common dream: open a cafe. Arvid loves cooking, Margaux loves receiving customers. No doubt: there’s something to do! In 2016, we came back to Europe and settled in Bordeaux. Arvid learnt how to speak french and we both quickly loved the idea of opening a swedish cafe as a tribute to Arvid’s country and gastronomy (Sweden).

We believe that eating isn’t just about feeding your body. It’s about nourishing the soul, too. And life is too short for mediocre soul food. We make sure every dish that we serve satisfies your entire being that is why we care about everything. High-quality ingredients, great service, delicious recipes. Not to mention a cosy interior design, great music and warm atmosphere.

Margaux & Arvid

Hi guys, we’re Margaux & Arvid. Margaux is French, Arvid is Swedish. We met in Australia in 2015 and we never stopped exploring life since then. We love food, we love people and we are so glad to welcome you guys at Suzzi!

Get to eat

Sweden is an inspiring country that is located north of Europe. And you know what ? Swedish food is much more than just typical meatballs or a piece of herring.

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Suzzi ?

Suzzi was Arvid’s mum. She sadly passed away of cancer years ago and we decided to pay tribute to her by giving her nickname to our cafe but also by getting involved with a local organisation called La Maison Rose which helps women with cancer as well as their families. For each cinnamon roll sold, we give them 0,10€.